Lance Coury

Date of Birth: 3. March 1990

Residence: West Hills, CA

Current Height: 5' 9"

Current Weight: 140

Riding Since: 1995

Favorite Trick: Whip

Favorite Band: Incubus

Favorite Riding Spot: Wyvern


I have been racing motocross since 1995. I got my first bike, a pw 50, when I was 4 years old. I started racing within a couple weeks of getting my first bike. Ever since then I have been racing all of the local races in Southern California also raced in the World Minis, Ponca City, and many other nationals. I won the AMA California State Championship in 2000 in 9-11 65cc. When I turned 15 I started really checking out freestyle. I was getting so bored of the little jumps at tracks and needed to go bigger. I would go to the Local tracks and go out during practice and do heel clickers and no footed cans. Then I hooked up with Shane Trittler and the rest is history.

Lance Coury

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